If you want to change your shopping habits to make a more conscious choice to shopping vegan, more ethically or more sustainably, you have a few choices. You can buy second-hand, commit to buying better quality goods, or simply take better care of the clothes you already have. But when it comes to reducing the use of plastic in our day-to-day lives the choices can be tricky. Plastic is so much a part of our world that it we forget how many things we rely on are made from it.

We believe that making good choices should be easy, so we’ve put together a list of a few simple things you can do to reduce your use of single use plastics. When it comes to making a difference, every little bit helps. 

Use Reusable Bags

Possibly the easiest change to make if you haven’t already. Using reusable totes instead of plastic bags when shopping not only reduces plastic waste, it gives you the perfect excuse to get yet another tote bag. Norden jackets come with a small reusable bag that you can carry with you at all times.

Pro tip: carry a small, foldable bag with you at all times. We guarantee it will come in handy.

BYOS – Bring Your Own (Metal or Paper) Straw

When you’re craving that iced latte or cold brew fix, grab a paper straw to-go or better yet, bring your own. Everywhere from your local zero waste store to big chains offers a selection of stylish, sustainable metal straws making it easy to say no to the plastic version.

Refillable Water Bottle

Keeping a refillable water bottle on hand at all times isn’t just good for you, it’s also eco-friendly. Accessible refill stations are popping up in city centers, parks and airports, and Norden's own roll-able version can fit in any coat pocket or bag, perfect for taking it anywhere you go.

Buy in Bulk

Take mason jars and other reusable containers to the store with you and buy what you can in bulk. The reduce packaging, can also save you money. 

Raise the Bar

Beauty and grooming products often have the most packaging but change is afoot. Buying your shampoo and soap in bars instead of plastic bottles is one of the more sustainable options.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Approximately 1.5 billion coffee cups are thrown out each year in Canada alone. Keeping a reusable cup on your desk or in your car can go a long way in making your coffee fix just a little more sustainable. 

Office Cutlery

Keep a spare set of cutlery at your office and say “no, thanks” when you order out. Real cutlery is both eco-friendly and, let’s be honest, it just works better.

Bio-degradable Toothbrush

Developed in 1930 and made entirely of plastic, toothbrushes almost never decompose. So there’s a good chance that all of the toothbrushes ever created are still floating around somewhere. By switching to a bamboo toothbrush, you can save a huge amount of waste. When it’s time for a new one simply pull out the bristles and throw the handle in your compost. 

Reuse the Plastic You Already have

This one is simple, use what you have. Thinking sustainably is about finding new ways of using something, instead of just throwing it out. 

Want to Get More People Involved?

Organize a trash collection with friends or get a group together to share tricks on how to repair and care for the clothes you currently own. Share pictures on Instagram, tag @Norden_Project and you might receive a direct message with something special! Because ethical, sustainable fashion is also about take care of what you’ve got and when you’re tired of wearing it, keeping it in good enough shape to pass it on.

January 18, 2020 — Marlene Couture